Ideal Snacks Blog

Posted by Nailah, Tatiana YEG members on Jul 29th 2015

Well known in Liberty, New York, Ideal Snacks the biggest place of employment for Hispanic workers. On May 5,2015 about 200 workers were fired without explanation or notice prior. The manager, deceived workers into believing they still had work and were just on a vacation leave. Days after the workers received phone calls telling them not to return that they no longer had a job. Like many others, local residents, and YEG members passed the factory daily, completely oblivious to the abuse, mistreatment, and discrimination the select group of workers faced on the norm. However, one of the YEG members knew firsthand of the unjust treatment towards someone dear to her, her mother. Hearing her story inspired YEG members to take one more step further.While the workers were silenced with intimidation, YEG began to bring awareness to the community on the secret abuse. Through YEG’s awareness to the community the Worker Justice Center supported and helped organize the workers. Together they organized different movements, ie the Ideal Snacks March, community meetings, etc. As a result the factory payed $102,000 to 128 workers for their unused vacation time. “This is only the beginning of fighting for equal rights of workers worldwide.” Says a YEG member.