Justice for Farmworkers


 !Si Se Puede! Our Fight to Justice for Farmworkers!


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Justice for Farmworkers Campaign



New York farmworkers are excluded from some NYS labor laws including:


-The right to a day of rest

-The right to overtime pay

-The right to collective bargaining


The passage of the Fair Labor Practices Act would give farmworkers these rights.

This bill is in the NY State Legislature at the moment. This bill can give farmworkers the justice and fairness they deserve.

            Being able to support oneself and one’s family is not a privilege, it’s a right



How can YOU help make a difference?

                Help us spread awareness, partake in the NYS Farmworker Rally that takes place in Albany ever year, write letters to your local or state representative or senator! We encourage YOU to help the oppressed! Our YEG members make go every year in support of this campaign!





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