The NYS Dream Act



What is the New York State Dream Act?

The NYS Dream Act is a bill that, if passed, will allow undocumented students that match the criteria to apply for state-funded financial aid.


Why should we pass the New York State Dream Act?

Going to college is just a dream for too many undocumented students.  4,500 undocumented students graduate from NYS schools every year. Only five 5-10% pursue higher education because they are unable to receive financial aid. Denying the pursuit of higher education to any individual is an injustice and needs to be change. We can be that change. The New York Dream Act would allow undocumented students to be able to apply for state financial aid for college.



Why is YEG involved?

Because some of the members of our group are DREAMers

and all of us deserve to dream.  Here are the words of one of our members...

 "I came to the United States from El Salvador when I was seven years old. My mother had already been here for two years working under difficult conditons at a chicken factory. My mom has taught me that strength comes from within me. And I want to shine bright like a star but sometimes I get hidden by the shadows of fear. I struggle with fear because I am undocumented. In my dreams of becoming someone and going to college, I often encounter a wall of BRICKS; my status. In spite of all the struggles I face, I always keep trying. I believe somehow, someway, I will make it. Join me in supporting the DREAM Act."

-A YEG Member





What can you do to help?

  • Buy a bag
  • Call or email your NYS senator
  • You can tweet @NYSenate pass the #DreamAct
  • Get involved with your local or any Dream team or group
  • Get educated on the subject by going to
  • Check out YAG’s documentary “Dreamers Among Us” and visit their website: