Things To Know When Ordering

Does your business/organization need promotional products? Well we can provide fair-trade bags and t-shirts with your desired design! 


Things To Know When Ordering


If you're considering having YEG/Bags For Justice provide the bags for you, there are few parameters you need to know:

  • Currently we can only do one and two color designs. However if you pair the design color with the bag color, the results will still have you reeling!

  • It's important to keep the desired design relatively simple. The more intricate details and lines there are, the less likely it is the bag will come out as desired. That being said, do not think you must cut off important parts of your design, we will work with you!

  • Notice in advance is vital! Our business only uses fair trade goods, which take longer to acquire than normal goods. Also all of the bags are silk screened by hand. For these reasons, a month of notice before the due date is necessary. Contact us if a rush date is necessary.

  • It's imperative to remember that if YEG/Bags For Justice has the right to decline contracts if the design goes against what we believe in.

  • There is a $35 screen fee, per screen, the first time YEG/Bags For Justice provides bags to cover the cost of the screen. However, if we use the same design for you later, there is no additional cost.

If you are ordering in bulk and for more information, please check out our custom orders page.