Women's rights

Strong women of all different races,sizes,height,and age. You are the voice of today. When you do not like something you need to find the courage to speak up to make the change for not only for yourself, but for the many other young women under us who are the women of tomorrow. When we are gone who will we have to speak out for others and make sure that we are all getting the same treatment? Women are just as equal as a man. Anything he can do I can do too. There is no reason why women should be treated as second hand class. It's not only men that is knocking us down. Women knock each other down and we should not even think about doing that when we are both having the same problem. So for once lets actually put our brains together and build this army with one mission. The mission for equal comparison. I do not want to hear young boys say to young girls that they can not do something because she is not a boy. Why should we be shut down just because we are women.Why should every door be closed because our gender varies other then a male? Now I'd like you to think about it. When did someone say your voice was not worth hearing? How did it make you feel when they did not listen to what you had to say? Do not give up when you are put down. If you miss the punch a few times just take a few seconds to breathe so that you can get ready to hit harder, to hit faster, to hit sharper. Fight for the right of equality.


As a wise women once told me " A women should feel comfortable in her own skin and she should be able to do what she wants, go where she wants, and wear what she wants. A man should not decide how her life and time should be spent. She is free to voice her own opinion, cause everyone's voice matters and deserves a chance to be heard. ~ Everette Walters "